Holiday Movie Preview 2014

It’s that time of year again, the Holiday season, when studios put out all of their best Oscar contenders which generally have nothing to do with the holidays


5 Fastest Street Legal Ca...

Some people may wonder, why make a car that


The 15 Best Historical Qu...

As many of you know, we love good beer,

The Starter Kit

Battling Robotic Cars Con...

We here at Boomsy are continually looking for the



Making Craft Beer At Home With BrewDemon.Com Home Brewing Kits

We thought we’d take this moment to revisit one of our old favorites and a sponsor at our last Boomsy Bash in Temecula. One of


Food You Should Know – Maxx Pizza In Murrieta

Every town has their fare share of pizza parlors, some are good, some are okay and some leave their mark not only on your taste


Local Edition – Food You Should Know – Mantra Indian Cuisine – Temecula, Ca

Being a vegetarian myself, it seemed only fitting to take our resident vegetarian Boomsy Gal, Alicia along to one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve


Local Edition – Food You Should Know – D’Canters Wine Bar & Grill – Wildomar, Ca

It’s always nice to find a gem of a restaurant that exceeds what even us at Boomsy expect from an eatery or bar, and that


Wine You Should Know – Callaway Vineyard & Winery

In case you hadn’t guessed, we at Boomsy not only love artistic photography of beautiful women, but on a completely different note we also love


Local Edition – Food You Should Know – Guadalajara Mexican Grill & Cantina – Temecula

Although I’m picky when it comes to food of any kind, I’m especially picky when it comes to Mexican food. Not so much in the


Local Edition – Pubs You Should Know – Kilarney’s – Temecula

What started as a trip to Ireland a little over a decade ago, exploring the land, the food, the people and of course the pubs,


Local Edition – Food You Should Know – Siam Thai Food – Temecula, Ca

In a city that was once well known for its restaurants above all else, the citizens are pickier than the average eater and demand the


Chocolate You Should Know – John & Kira’s

There is chocolate and then there’s gourmet chocolate. And those of you who have had the chance to taste actual “gourmet chocolate”, you know the


Food You Should Know – BlackBird Tavern – Temecula, Ca

Some restaurants just stand out above the rest in a way that collectively surprises the clientele and it’s like magic in a bottle. We all


Local Edition – Food You Should Know – Annie’s Cafe – Temecula, Ca

It’s rare, in any city in any state to find a cafe that everyone not only knows, but loves and frequents more than arguably any


Wine You Should Know – – Monthly Wine Tastings

With the growing trend in quality goods from food to healthy alternatives to drinks and hotels–people everywhere are turning their heads to the sub-par corporate


Koruto wa ore no pasupooto (1967)

Film You Should Know – C...

   by Luke Pennington    Eclipse Series #17 – Nikkatsu Noir: Koruto wa ore no pasupooto (‘A Colt is My Passport’) Release: 1967 Director: Takashi Nomura Screenplay: Shuichi Nagahara Nobuo Yamada Story:


Stuff You Should Know – ...

by Flitz Flueman It’s hard to stay classy in a world where so much mediocrity is praised, talked about and even awarded in both entertainment and in online, digital media


Film You Should Know – N...

  by Luke Pennington   Robert Altman’s Nashville, a reluctant musical of sorts, explores its namesake as part docu-drama, part political satire, part ambivalent love story; the penultimate, an obvious precursor to


Flitz Flueman Chronicles ̵...

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On The Road With Erik Taylor &...

      by Erik Taylor     I decided to head east from Southern California before passing into Mexico.  My goal was to bypass Tijuana, spend a little more time driving on