2018 Brand Partnerships with Boomsy and the Boomsy Gals

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Over the years we’ve had the privilege of partnering with many different brands working in cool new startups and products into our photo shoots and video shoots. If you and your company would like to partner up with us, we’re currently interested in working with hotels, tech startups, restaurants, food, beverage, alcohol, energy drinks, clothing (shirts, shoes, hats, lingerie, you name it), vape, travel and more!

Email ‘info@boomsy.com’ for more information! And follow us at instagram.com/boomsygals for recent updates!

If you’re ready to purchase exposure with Boomsy and have product/brand merchandise to showcase, feel free to purchase from the options below! After purchase you will be sent an email with instructions for getting product to us. All options below include adding your product/merchandise to our photo and video shoots with the Boomsy Gals on a regular basis for your timer period chosen, whether it be one month or a year. The “Exclusivity” option means that if you’re a sportswear company, you’re the only sportswear company we’ll feature for a year!


Check out some samples of our photo shoots and video shoots, both with and without brands to see what’s possible!

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