Featured Boomsy Gal – Zoe

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This was a treat. A visit to my hometown of Chico, California and a chance to shoot with a gorgeous local model named Zoe; a perfect fit of brains, beauty and personality. Zoe is the kind of woman that makes modeling look effortless. The perfect muse, fully understanding of what the outcome of any art made of her may become and able to melt right into the situation where the artist at hand can just flow with her naturally, capturing her beauty as it opens up in front of you like a sunrise or a flower or an eclipse. Shooting with models like Zoe is truly a chance to tap into those original artistic needs that got us all into whatever medium we choose.

Check out her profile and first pictorial with us below, and check back for more to come! We plan on shooting with Zoe as often as possible for as many years to come!

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