One of the hottest tourist destinations in the United States, especially during the winter has got to be Miami. Although known for its beaches and nightclubs, there is a growing population of people who appreciate not only fine craft beer, but great food as well! Gastropubs have been taking the country (and world) by storm, so why not Miami? Tap 79 is quickly becoming a popular eatery and drinkery right in the heart of America’s favorite beach city! Not only do we at Boomsy love…Continue Reading “Is this the best Gastropub in Miami?”

Chances are you’ve seen their beer somewhere, in a restaurant, a bar and grill, or even featured at another brewery. Not only does The Abbey Brewing Co have a likeness and logo that gets burned in your brain, it has an amazing product that it strives to perfect with every new flavor. Back in 1995, when the brewery first opened, everyone thought its founders were crazy, being that Miami was more geared toward models who preferred fruity cocktails and dancing over anything else, in addition…Continue Reading “Beer You Should Know – Abbey Brewing Co. Miami Florida”

Started by two guys with a dream and a love great craft beer, Ironfire Brewing is growing almost faster than they can handle! They offer up some of the most exciting flavors of all types of beer you can imagine, having made everything from a Fruit Loops flavored beer to a Butterfinger beer! If you’re ever near Temecula, California , stop what you’re doing and head over to sample some of our favorite beer! Check out some of our photos of the visit there and…Continue Reading “Beer You Should Know – Ironfire Brewing – Temecula, Ca”