by Joe Dumante I love to camp, there I said it. I know some people are more city-oriented and don’t like the outdoors, or getting dirty to have a good time. I’m in the middle; I love living in the city and enjoying all of its perks, both work related and recreational, but I love nature. I don’t hunt, but I love the smell of trees and dirt. I don’t even fish, but I love hiking along a creek and jumping in for shits and…Continue Reading “Cool Stuff – Super Campers”

by Gavin Reed As we have stated time and again, at heart, every little boy wants to be a superhero and/or a super spy like James Bond. And as the modern age develops and progresses at unthinkable speeds, growing our collective technology at an exponential rate even Jules Verne himself could have never predicted, we get closer and closer having all the gadgets we ever wanted growing up. This for instance, is one of those gadgets. The Hoverbike. I’m not even that thrilled about motorcycles…Continue Reading “Cool Stuff – Hoverbike”

by Gavin Reed Every a little boy wants to be a super hero or a super spy, at least for a little while, and then we grow up but some of our fantasies remain. I know when I’m in my car, stuck in LA traffic, I wish my car could turn into a jet and I could fly away and evade the police at the same time, not for evil, just for shits and giggles. I know I’ll never get a car/jet toy, but this…Continue Reading “Cool Stuff – Personal Submarines”