by Gavin Reed The world is full of mysteries and amazing locations, many of which we know about and visit often, like the Grand Canyon or the Alps, or the Great Wall of China. But in a world so big, with so many varying elements depending on geographic location, this earth and sometimes the people on it can produce some pretty amazing sights that we often overlook. Check out this list of 10 mysterious places you may have never seen or heard about, that are…Continue Reading “10 Mysterious Places You May Not Know About”

We’re huge movie buffs here at Boomsy and obviously love great, artistic photography so why not do a series of Old Hollywood Photos? With this volume we’re focusing on “set” photos; pictures taken of famous stars of film history while on set, sometimes in character and costume, and some of which almost look like stills from the movies themselves. At any rate, it touches on a nostalgic sense of class and artistic value many would argue no longer (or rarely) exists in the film industry…Continue Reading “Old Hollywood – Photo Collection”