by Gavin Reed You’ve seen the photos. You’ve heard and read about how beautiful it is. You’ve probably seen it in a movie or two over the years. But nothing quite captures the natural beauty of Fiji like actually being there, sleeping over the water and soaking up all that it has to offer. And no other resort we’ve seen truly immerses its guests like the Likuliku Lagoon Resort, letting visitors sleep in awesome little bungalows away from the beach, resting just above the waves….Continue Reading “Hotels You Should Know – Likuliku Lagoon Resort – Fiji”

by Gavin Reed The world is full of mysteries and amazing locations, many of which we know about and visit often, like the Grand Canyon or the Alps, or the Great Wall of China. But in a world so big, with so many varying elements depending on geographic location, this earth and sometimes the people on it can produce some pretty amazing sights that we often overlook. Check out this list of 10 mysterious places you may have never seen or heard about, that are…Continue Reading “10 Mysterious Places You May Not Know About”

For a recent trip to Miami we sought out to find the best of the best in every category of a vacation from hotel to food in a new series of stories we’re publishing in the coming weeks. And what better place to visit during the winter than Florida! We stumbled upon Full Bloom Gourmet Vegan Cuisine by accident and now we’re addicted! Located on Island Ave in the heart of Miami Beach, this awesome restaurant is “reservation only” and features an eclectic and diverse…Continue Reading “Best Vegan Restaurant in Miami – Full Bloom”

In our never ending pursuit to enjoy and bask in the very best that life has to offer, we found ourselves at Hotel Beaux Arts in Miami, Florida. One can not ask for more in a hotel than Beaux Arts. The very name makes an artist’s eyes pop open and head swing up. But when you finally get there, take a look at its majesty and then hop into the bed of your room, it’s absolute contentedness. The hotel’s 39 stories features 44 amazing rooms…Continue Reading “Hotels You Should Know – Beaux Arts – Miami, Florida”

One of the hottest tourist destinations in the United States, especially during the winter has got to be Miami. Although known for its beaches and nightclubs, there is a growing population of people who appreciate not only fine craft beer, but great food as well! Gastropubs have been taking the country (and world) by storm, so why not Miami? Tap 79 is quickly becoming a popular eatery and drinkery right in the heart of America’s favorite beach city! Not only do we at Boomsy love…Continue Reading “Is this the best Gastropub in Miami?”

Chances are you’ve seen their beer somewhere, in a restaurant, a bar and grill, or even featured at another brewery. Not only does The Abbey Brewing Co have a likeness and logo that gets burned in your brain, it has an amazing product that it strives to perfect with every new flavor. Back in 1995, when the brewery first opened, everyone thought its founders were crazy, being that Miami was more geared toward models who preferred fruity cocktails and dancing over anything else, in addition…Continue Reading “Beer You Should Know – Abbey Brewing Co. Miami Florida”

by Steven Grodin Everyone dreams of going to Europe one day, and strolling along those open landscapes and ancient buildings we’ve all seen in movies and read about in books, hoping to find either romance or more of ourselves along the way. I for one, have had the chance to make my way across several regions including France, Great Britain and of course Italy. Of all the places I’ve been to on earth, the one that always stands out in my mind is Venice, Italy….Continue Reading “Hotels You Should Know – CimaRosa, Venice, Italy”

Started by two guys with a dream and a love great craft beer, Ironfire Brewing is growing almost faster than they can handle! They offer up some of the most exciting flavors of all types of beer you can imagine, having made everything from a Fruit Loops flavored beer to a Butterfinger beer! If you’re ever near Temecula, California , stop what you’re doing and head over to sample some of our favorite beer! Check out some of our photos of the visit there and…Continue Reading “Beer You Should Know – Ironfire Brewing – Temecula, Ca”