Cool Stuff – Alcohol Infused Icecubes

Categories food, spirits

by Melanie Sams

Can we all just agree that if alcohol didn’t exist, life would be pointless? I mean, one could argue that life is pointless anyway; a series of ups and downs, circumstances to get our hopes up about, or circumstances that make us get our hopes up, only to have them either fulfilled or devastated. Life really is a collection of moments we only think we have some control over, when in reality, it is completely out of our hands and then we die. So on that somber fucking note, at least there’s alcohol!

And to our delight, this awesome company makes alcohol infused ice cubes! What’s better than that (aside from the obvious, basic regular alcohol)? Since alcohol doesn’t freeze (at least spirits don’t), it was only a matter of time before some genius out there fixed the problem.

Check it out for yourself! Only $14.99!

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