by Steven Grodin Everyone dreams of going to Europe one day, and strolling along those open landscapes and ancient buildings we’ve all seen in movies and read about in books, hoping to find either romance or more of ourselves along the way. I for one, have had the chance to make my way across several regions including France, Great Britain and of course Italy. Of all the places I’ve been to on earth, the one that always stands out in my mind is Venice, Italy….Continue Reading “Hotels You Should Know – CimaRosa, Venice, Italy”

by Trevor Milton Back in my day, there were just plain old skateboards and either you loved riding or you knew nothing about it. Oh how the world of skateboarding has changed. Today, you don’t even have to use your feet. The cool people at EON have developed the first of its kind, bolt-on electric motor you can control with your smartphone. And it recently passed its goal on Kickstarter which means it will be available to you easily from their website and most likely…Continue Reading “Cool Stuff – Electric Skateboard Motor”

by Flitz Flueman I don’t personally have an opinion about unicorns. Some people think they’re silly; some people think they’re the greatest fairy-tale thing in the world. If they existed in the more fantastical sense, such as a majestic horse with a giant horn in the middle of their head and pooped rainbows, well I’d be one of their biggest fans. However since that’s just not the case, I don’t have a dog in the fight. But I love a great cocktail. And the nice…Continue Reading “Cool Drinks – Unicorn Tears Gin”