As part of a new feature, we’re showcasing artists and filmmakers who we think are awesome! Check out this short film by Erik Bakhshi & Aren Ambar. CAST & CREW: Erik Bakhshi & Aren Ambar – writing, directing, producing, editing, and cinematography. Narek Ambar – sound mixer Vincent Simmons – camera assistant/ on set sound With special thanks to Vin Bogart   Production Stills/Behind the scenes:

As a brand new feature on Boomsy, we are showcasing artists from around the world that we think are awesome. This month we’re featuring Jessica Hempfling of Seattle, Washington who began painting in 2011 and has made it her life’s passion! We got a chance to interview her and feature her art. Check out her website & Instagram: What are your earliest memories creating art? How old were you? Earliest memories that I have is when I was in kindergarten I told my…Continue Reading “Artist Showcase – Jessica Hempfling”