Beer You Should Know – Abbey Brewing Co. Miami Florida

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Chances are you’ve seen their beer somewhere, in a restaurant, a bar and grill, or even featured at another brewery. Not only does The Abbey Brewing Co have a likeness and logo that gets burned in your brain, it has an amazing product that it strives to perfect with every new flavor.

Back in 1995, when the brewery first opened, everyone thought its founders were crazy, being that Miami was more geared toward models who preferred fruity cocktails and dancing over anything else, in addition to spring breakers and other dance club patrons; not necessarily the ideal demographic for pushing quality craft beer. Low and behold, over twenty years later, The Abbey Brewing Co is a household name, at least among beer enthusiasts like us! Since then the brewery has won awards and seen great success! In addition to their own beers, they always have 10 guest beers from around the world. At the time of this writing, they have Immaculate IPA, Father Theodore’s Stout, Brother Dan’s Double and Brother Aaron’s Quadruple respectively. If you’re ever in Florida, love craft beer, and find your way down to Miami Beach, we suggest you check them out ASAP!

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