Best Vegan Restaurant in Miami – Full Bloom

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For a recent trip to Miami we sought out to find the best of the best in every category of a vacation from hotel to food in a new series of stories we’re publishing in the coming weeks. And what better place to visit during the winter than Florida!

We stumbled upon Full Bloom Gourmet Vegan Cuisine by accident and now we’re addicted! Located on Island Ave in the heart of Miami Beach, this awesome restaurant is “reservation only” and features an eclectic and diverse menu infusing recipes from around the world using local organic produce and products!

Their menu makes it almost impossible for a real foodie to decide what to order, often ending up ordering a few things just to try because it’s all amazing! From fajitas to Sushi and Cashew Nut & Spinach Ravioli, this is a vegan/vegetarian’s paradise! Check it out for yourself, especially if you’re ever in Miami or Miami Beach, Florida!

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