Hotels You Should Know – Beaux Arts – Miami, Florida

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In our never ending pursuit to enjoy and bask in the very best that life has to offer, we found ourselves at Hotel Beaux Arts in Miami, Florida. One can not ask for more in a hotel than Beaux Arts. The very name makes an artist’s eyes pop open and head swing up. But when you finally get there, take a look at its majesty and then hop into the bed of your room, it’s absolute contentedness.

The hotel’s 39 stories features 44 amazing rooms and includes amenities such as the world-renowned Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne, Mariano Bartolome Indoor Golf School, Enliven Salon & Spa, virtual bowling, and indoor basketball court and is located within minutes of Port of Miami, the AA Arena and upscale dining.

From the moment you step through the door into the lobby, you are treated with the awesomeness and class of what you may only see in a James Bond movie, and that is specifically what we look for in a hotel. Not that I’m a super spy or anything. Wink, wink. If you are ever in Miami, and you prefer the finest in everything, especially hotels, check out Beaux Arts! It’s named by Conde-Naste as one of the best for a reason!

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