Hotels You Should Know – CimaRosa, Venice, Italy

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by Steven Grodin

Everyone dreams of going to Europe one day, and strolling along those open landscapes and ancient buildings we’ve all seen in movies and read about in books, hoping to find either romance or more of ourselves along the way. I for one, have had the chance to make my way across several regions including France, Great Britain and of course Italy. Of all the places I’ve been to on earth, the one that always stands out in my mind is Venice, Italy. I didn’t find romance there, and I honestly can’t tell if I found any more of myself while I walked those old, broken streets. But what I did find was an appreciation and love for the past. And the past, as in our collective human past is no more relevant than in that city on the water, filled with history and war and love and peace and especially food.


And when traveling, the place we stay usually is not a reflection of the location. Our hotel is generally a very modern and impersonal stay at a corporate level, having nothing really to do with the country or the people. That is not the case with CimaRosa in Venice. Considered by many as the nicest hotel in Venice, CimaRosa is the perfect collection of what we want and desire in a hotel, but what we wish would embody and glean from its location and history.

This 15th century Palazzo on the Grand Canal features suites in a bed and breakfast style on the water putting the guest up to their neck in history, class and the best possible service. You can experience all of what Venice has to offer from food to boat and walking tours. If ever there was a hotel in the world that met the Boomsy standards, it is most certainly CimaRosa.

Check it out for yourself:

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