Hotels You Should Know – Likuliku Lagoon Resort – Fiji

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by Gavin Reed

You’ve seen the photos. You’ve heard and read about how beautiful it is. You’ve probably seen it in a movie or two over the years. But nothing quite captures the natural beauty of Fiji like actually being there, sleeping over the water and soaking up all that it has to offer.

And no other resort we’ve seen truly immerses its guests like the Likuliku Lagoon Resort, letting visitors sleep in awesome little bungalows away from the beach, resting just above the waves. 35 rooms have direct beach and lagoon access, 8 have private plunge pools and 10 are actually on the water!

With multiple dining options that not only showcase local traditions which include Indian, Chinese fare and offer multiple options catering to varying dietary restrictions, the Likuliku Lagoon Resort is an absolute escape unlike any other.

Check it out for yourself!

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