Is this the best Gastropub in Miami?

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One of the hottest tourist destinations in the United States, especially during the winter has got to be Miami. Although known for its beaches and nightclubs, there is a growing population of people who appreciate not only fine craft beer, but great food as well!

Gastropubs have been taking the country (and world) by storm, so why not Miami? Tap 79 is quickly becoming a popular eatery and drinkery right in the heart of America’s favorite beach city! Not only do we at Boomsy love great craft beer and the best places to enjoy it while on vacation, we love amazing food, prepared by people who take it as seriously as we do! We also love it when a popular spot takes peoples’ dietary restrictions into account!

At Tap 79, although they are known for their cured meats and assorted cheese, guests can also find plenty of vegetarian options! Check it out for yourself and see why Tap 79 in Miami gets the Boomsy stamp of approval!

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